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David Layzer Books

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Constructing the Universe traces the
history of theories about the nature of the universe, looks at the contributions of scientists from Copernicus to Einstein, and summarizes current theories of cosmic evolution.

Scientific American Library, 1984


Cosmogenesis looks at the growth of chemical, biological, and mental order in the universe and discusses the origin of the universe and cosmic evolution.

Contains David's theory of the
growth of order in the universe.

Oxford University Press, 1990


In Why We are Free, David Layzer argues that human thoughts, decisions, and actions are creative, adding order and information to the universe, much as cosmic evolution and biological evolution have done. Biological evolution is a two-step creative process, with chance in the first step and natural selection determining the outcome. Layzer's libertarian free will also comes in two stages, the first is the random generation of possibilities, the second is the deliberative decision and choice that selects one possibility, making it actual, an act of self-determination.

Contains David's theory of
Consciousness, Free Will and Creativity in A Unified Scientific Worldview.

I-Phi Press, 2021